Meizu expected to launch a 65W Super Charger

Meizu super chargeur 65W

According to this photo published this morning on the Weibo network – The Meizu 17 will come with a 65 Watt charger composed of Gallium nitrure (GaN) promising an ultra-fast charge.

This photo shows the charger using the usual design of the previous Meizu chargers. It consists of a USB-A port and a USB-C port with an 1A1C output.
Gallium Nitrs (GaN) is a wide-band semiconductor material (WBG — Wide Band Gap) that provides power applications with considerable advantage over traditional silicon-based semiconductors.
GaN chargers are physically smaller than conventional chargers of the same capabilities by being able to drive much larger voltages and emit less heat.

For those who have been following Meizu for several years this is not surprising since the manufacturer presented at the MWC of 2017, its Solution Super mCharge – a 55W charger capable of recharging a battery of 3000mAh in 20min.


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Meizu should therefore follow in the footsteps of Xiaomi, Oppo and Nubia, which have already released their 65W solution. To learn more about the Meizu 17 scheduled for release in April, it’s happening here.

Source: GSMArena

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