We're fixing your broken MEIZU smartphone!

Our repair centre supports all broken Meizu devices. Fill out the form below, we'll send you a repair estimate within 24 hours

A sustainable repair

We have a real technical repair center capable of repairing virtually all failures on all Meizu models:

-Repair broken screen
-Micro HS
-Obsolete battery
-Speaker no longer works
-The battery doesn't hold the charge
-Repairing spare parts
-Hard Brick
-Motherboard HS
-Other breakdowns...

Meizu M1/M2/M3/M3S/M5/M5C/M6/M6S/M869€
Meizu U10/U2059€
Meizu M Note (all models)69€
Meizu MX4/MX4 PRO69€
Meizu Note 6 / Note 869€
Meizu Note 959€
Meizu PRO 5/ PRO 6 / PRO 6 Plus119€
Meizu Pro 7/ Pro 7 Plus129€
Meizu 15 / 15 Pro119€
Meizu 15 Lite79€
Meizu 16th/16X/16s/16Xs /16T149€
Meizu M1/M2/M3/M3S/M5/M5C/M6/M6S/M849€
Meizu U10/U2049€
Meizu M Note (all models)49€
Meizu MX4/MX4 PRO49€
Meizu Note 6 / Note 849€
Meizu Note 949€
Meizu Pro 5/ Pro 6 / Pro 6 Plus49€
Meizu Pro 7/ Pro 7 Plus49€
Meizu 15 / 15 PRO49€
Meizu 15 Lite49€
Meizu 16th/16X/16s/16Xs/16T59€
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    Ask for a repair quote

    Fill out the available form by clicking on the ``Repair Form`` button and send it to us at the email address service@meizustore.net

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    Send your defective Meizu

    Once your repair request is accepted, send us your defective phone at our headquarters address.

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    Repairing your device

    We repair all devices received in an average of 1 to 2 weeks depending on the parts available.

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