Extraordinary power
Great performance in every way

Adopts the cutting-edge, high-performance platform - Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The powerful core with clock up to 2.8 GHz easily handles multiple tasks and demanding games. The 10 nm process technology also allows for energy saving for the MEIZU 16th series.

Adreno 630
Landmark GPU

Based on the 10 nm process technology, Adreno 630 uses 30% less energy than the previous generation. Thanks to the performance optimization of the GPU, the MEIZU 16th series easily handles popular massive multiplayer mobile games.

Coming for AI

As Qualcomm's third-generation AI processing chip, Hexagon 685 supports multi-platform neural network systems that provide three times more AI computing power than the previous generation. Based on advanced machine learning and algorithms, the video effects and biometric recognition experience have been optimized for the MEIZU 16th series.


"Lightning" transmission rate

The MEIZU 16th series uses UFS 2.1 flash memory for powerful read and write performance. It ensures a smooth and swift experience when loading, installing or running apps and during phone startup. It stays smooth even when you’re shooting a 4K video.


Optional 8 GB memory
Boon for gamers

The MEIZU 16th series allows you to run more large apps at the same time. We've adopted the excellent LPDDR4X memory with a clock of up to 3733 Mbps.

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